Your Lane, Your Purpose

June 6, 2019 Life No Comments

The other day I was talking to a girlfriend while running a few errands. We talk at least once a week and it’s usually for hours because we always have so much to catch up on; you know girl ish! Shooting the shit.

Though we usually talk about pop culture, the news, fitness and travel, this time we spoke about the fact that there suddenly seemed to be so many people out here, trying to be everything and anything, with little to no passion attached to it.

Although we always seem to be transitioning, changing and discovering ourselves, let’s be real here, everyone isn’t a makeup artist, influencer, the next YouTube star, Beyoncé, host or fashion guru. Shoot, or even the next blogger or life coach. It’s not possible to do all these things, especially with the right intention.

Please don’t get me wrong, we all have gifts, sometimes even more than one. But there is a special thing about discovering YOUR gift—your niche or what you’re truly good at. Once you tap into your passion, which translates into your purpose, there is nothing else you would want to entertain.

“Okay, Aisha, so how will I know that if I don’t try everything?”

Well, for starters, what sets your soul on fire? Whatever it is, would you do it for free? Would you work on this project happily after work hours and the weekends?

Find that one thing that truly makes you happy. That brings you joy. Remind yourself that you’re not doing it for likes, or followers. You’re not even doing it for the money. Your drive is purely based on fulfilling that dream of yours.

Keeping up with the Jones is exhausting and totally suffocates your you. I like helping my clients, narrowing down to what is meant for them, made for them, and chosen for them.

I believe that your journey is already mapped out in advance you just need to take the first step. At times, we fall off track or get distracted but intuitively we always end up on the lane meant especially for us.

From my personal experience, I always knew that my passion was in the field of service. I have been told many times over the years from my close friends that I should use my story to empower women. My dad would often tell me that I have a light that needs to be shared with the world (I mean all dads say that right?). I believe that messages come to you via different people and at times it’s from strangers that speak the loudest.

I went to a conference one year and the speaker, a stranger spoke to me loudly than anyone else, even if it was aid before.

My point is, in your quest to find that oomph of yours listen to everyone that brings fruit to your life.

So again, you are not here to be everything, but I can guarantee you are here to be YOU and only YOU.
Because I mean really, only YOU can do YOU well.

So, in the meantime, stay:
• Hydrated
• Exfoliated
• Moisturized
• Paid
• Woke
• And, discover that lane of yours.