There’s something about hearing another woman’s story that can leave you refreshed, elevated and empowered. I love hosting various workshops that touch upon different trials, successes,    AH-HA moments, and testimonials of women like you and I who’ve been through hell, but somehow made it all the way back and further.

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I choose topics that I am passionate about and that I believe women will connect with. Below are topics we covered and it was oh-so wonderful chatting:

  • Owning your story
  • Relationship with credit
  • Path to Passion
  • Women and Fertility
  • Self-Love and Gratitude
  • Men and women edition

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I have had the opportunity in sharing my story on panels, interviews, conferences and good old fashion solo presentations with some amazing organizations.

It is a humbling experience to share my story, I am often left witj gratitude and special reminders that I am on a path of purpose.

If you are looking for sass, humour, real talk and vulnerability at you event that will leave you guests refreshed, englightened and empowered.

Would love to talk x