You got that degree. You got the coveted corner office. You’ve reached your $100k/year goal. You saved for that condo. You married the soulmate – but now WHAT?


Do I ask for that raise? Should I need to go soul-searching in Bali? Do I relocate? Should I go on that second tinder date?

If these existential questions sound like the soundtrack to your life right now, you may be going through what is commonly known as the modern mid-life crisis (otherwise known as #FirstWorldProblems). And while these contemplations may sound funny (and slightly absurd) to some at first, the truth is – a lot of our self-identities and markers of fulfilment stem from those very things. So there comes a point in life when going through the motions of responsible adulting just doesn’t cut it anymore – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


New to Life Coaching? The Curious package is an introductory steppingstone designed to explore the benefits of goal-setting and accountability-building. During our sessions, we'll journey together with your goals as our guide, creating a trusting space where we can uncover truths and see things a little more clearly.
Ready to delve a little deeper? The Intrigued package is ideal for those interested in momentum through purpose-driven conversations. When clients are more comfortable and clear with the advantages of coaching, they are open to going deeper, and I get to be their guide. This Intrigued experience allows room for more courageous conversations and growth.
The Change package is designed to nurture your straight-up bad-assery! At the core of this curated program is a rare relationship that supports your transformation and sustained growth. You'll own your sessions and learn what triggers may interfere with your new journey. Simply put, your vision clarifies...and sis, you start tapping into that amazing of yours!
*What is email support?
During our first few sessions, I will tend to send you relevant information for you to read on your own time, so that our precious coaching sessions are used most efficiently. You are also free (and welcome!) to email me as much you wish with thoughts, questions, concerns, or updates. I respond to emails within 2 business days.