My quest is to help every single woman who finds herself at a crossroad began over a year ago, as I found myself at mine. After a decade-old successful career in the corporate world, I started to feel what many describe as (and what you’re probably feeling in this moment) the “itchy scratch” – That unexplainable but extremely powerful call to do and be more. That (not so subtle) whisper in your mind and tugging at your heart that indicates that it’s time to spread your wings.

I had always been the go-to friend. The one everyone looks to as a reference, and comes to for advice. As the eldest of a broken family unit, I was unwillingly thrown into a leadership position as early as I can remember. Little did I know that my influence in my circle and challenging life circumstances would later be a catalyst for my growth; an indicator of my calling.


This site is therefore an introduction to my passion.

An answering of my purpose. A mirror of my truth.

It’s a testimony of my own resilience, and a reflection of yours.

Let’s embark on this journey together as I help you answer that oh-so-familiar call, and unpeel those layers of resistance that too often block us women from even hearing it. Because behind every dope woman…is one hell of a story.