Sisterhood Coaching is a group coaching session between 5-10 women that are open to share, collaborate and are ready for change.

I have found that the most eye-opening and fruitful revelations have come to me while connecting with other women. There truly is something about like-minded women coming together in an effort to teach, learn, and grow from one another.

Not only is realizing that most of your issues are shared extremely relieving (no, you aren’t crazy), it’s also incredibly comforting to know that it’s okay (and quite frankly, expected) to be the occasional hot mess!

  • An introductory Talk to Me session with Aisha and the participants
  • An in class or Zoom session with 5-10 other women
  • Four 1 hour group sessions spaced over the period of 2 months
  • Complimentary *email support for the duration of the coaching sessions
  • A safe, non-judgemental environment for sharing
*What is email support?
During our first few sessions, I will tend to send you relevant information for you to read on your own time, so that our precious coaching sessions are used most efficiently. You are also free (and welcome!) to email me as much you wish with thoughts, questions, concerns, or updates. I respond to emails within 2 business days.