A trip I took in 2011 to Tanzania really touched me. I left for one month to volunteer in a small rural town; to help rebuild a school that was in desperate need of safe, clean, comfortable classroom environments for the children to learn. Though I knew I was going to a remote part of the world, it was still a shock to the system when I arrived; no running water, no electricity, no "conventional" toilet services and wild rodents as my roommates. I was so out of my element, and yet, I felt reassured by the work we were doing there. Our contributions was humbling because they were meaningful.

I have fond memories of the traditional songs and dances, the beautiful people we met. Three weeks later, we completed our task with aches, tears, laughter and pure JOY. I remember looking back at the school, the classrooms, the teachers and student faces, even the locals that jumped in to help out, and thinking to myself, this is what life is really about.

My experience in Western Africa, reaffirmed my belief that it’s our duty to spread love where and when we can. It is our duty to give back. I'm committed to using my time and talents to making a difference around me and around the world.



My goal is clear - use fun, friends, and fellowship to feed families, spread love and influence others to do the same. Growing up, food in the fridge was almost a luxury. My parents did the best to provide for us, but we relied a lot on local organizations for food baskets. Christmas was always a treat because along with food, organizations like Sun Youth would also give my family and I gifts. It meant a lot. I still remember that feeling when the volunteers showed up at our door. It was exciting and heart warming to say the least.


In an effort to pay forward the generosity I received, every year I host a theme party for my birthday in early December, just in time for the holidays. With the help of some generous folks and some good vibes, I can now be a blessing to other families like mine, collecting and sharing boxes, toys and gifts. Beyond rewarding.




When I heard about this play I knew I had to produce it for the first time ever in Montreal. It was a big task and I was nervous about funding such an artist, but my heart was telling me that Montreal needed this. They had to experience this.


About the Play

The Solo Play Beautiful by Jozanne Marie, is not only a celebration of beauty, inner strength and acceptance, but also highlights abuse, touches on mental illness, advocates strength, resilience, forgiveness and beauty inside and out. This autobiographic monologue, a feel good play, even with a heavy topic managed to celebrate adventure and overcoming adversity.


Spectators of the play loved it and are eagerly awaiting an encore in the near future. Proceeds from the event went to the annual Fashion show for a cause, Rip the Runway on mental illness.