Coaching with Aisha

Sista! Are you looking for a change? Do you envision differently for your life? Are you stuck in a bit of a rut, feeling blah? Or do you need to just get your life all the way together and don’t know how?

You should call me

If you answered, “yes” to all of the above, then you’re probably now thinking, “okay, but what is this coaching thing I keep hearing about these days? I’m intrigued but still not sure really. I mean, Aisha I want to hire you, but what’s it like?”

Well, in a nutshell, what I offer is an experience of vulnerability, trust and no judgement. I’m a neutral person with no personal connection to your every day experiences, that can give you coaching direction to become a better version of yourself. Kinda like that moment when you feel you need a passenger on your journey besides your partner, family or friend.

The person you hire as a coach should possess a quality that somehow influences you. They should make you feel alive, see things clearly, and after a few sessions, have you feeling yourself again.

But wait…

Let’s be VERY clear here: You will not always like me, and I will not always say all the things you want to hear. Some days you will think, “wow, Aisha is so dope”. And then you’ll have days where you walk away like, “hmmm, I am not liking her today”. But it’s ALL a part of the process.

What’s important is that you understand that both self-discovery and inner change require work, as well as facing some of that ugly that you keep running away from.

We’ll laugh. Girl, we might even cry. But we will always have courageous conversations together. We’ll discover what your instincts have been saying, but you’ve been comfortably ignoring. We’ll explore all the things that set your soul on fire and unravel why you’ve feared it for so long.

Truth is, I became a coach to act as a conduit of change, and to influence women, while helping them be great. And though I can’t make you into the person you want to be, I’ll damn sure help you discover the person that you’ve always been.

I AM an advocate for living life to the fullest and believe that we must continuously evolve.

I AM a cheerleader for your success and my goal, as your coach, is to help you tap into that amazingness of yours.

Life is too short to be anything less than badass..

You should call me and let’s get it beauties.