What I love about Aisha's approch is that as friendly as she is she can hold her emotions about your issue and walk you through with a sound head. None of this crying with you but all about listening to you through it, helping you through it, COACHING YOU THROUGH IT. If you need a friendly face, a kind heart with an armour and an unbreakable shield to pull you through..... she's the one.

Lindsay Brun

I can confidently put a check on everything a career focused lady has on her list. Degrees, worked in top fashion brands, travelled, running my own business… all checked!  I can run the world but what a girl to do when she can’t do the same for love. You call your girl Aisha, the expert who unlocked my blockages and made me face my many shames. A great listener, she will challenge you to go deep within yourself, and own your story. Like a coach, she will give you no space to second guess yourself but build your confidence. An encourager, she will cheer until you go out there and kill it. Thank you Aisha,  you are one stepping stone to building my confidence when it comes to dating again.

Marjorie Joasil

From our very first meeting, Aisha helped me look deeper at what my expectations of success were and how far I had come after 3 years of opening my business. Through the coaching sessions, I was able to set realistic goals for my business and implement strategies and methods at achieving them as well as find new way of looking at my personal life and my business. Thank you Aisha, the changes those sessions brought out in me is what I needed to face the hurdles I experienced in my business, and pushed me to be the businesswoman I am today!

Tamara Haynes

Incredible, smart, kind and compassionate are a few words that come to mind to best describe Aisha. Her wonderful sense of humour and her life experiences have given her the ability to see any situation in a positive light.  I admire her strength and her determination to not let her circumstances define who she is. She is an exceptional human being and my hero.

Andrea Hall

I have gone down many different avenues to self discovery and improvement, from confiding in friends and mentors, to having a fitness coach, to even therapy. With Aisha I found someone sitting on the the sideline of this game called life routing and cheering louder than anyone for me and my success. We explored my busy brain and were able to pinpoint something I only dreamed about, harnessing my energy into something specific. In a short period of time I felt like I had overcome barriers in myself. I found the confidence to go for what I really want, to make sure my cup is full and I am fulfilled. I learned that taking a step back is okay. What I needed most was the guidance to slow down, not do everything at once, to forgive and to be kind to myself.

Kayla Keizer

I reached out to Aisha to help organize my career. Not only did she help with that, but also helped me boost my confidence and step outside my comfort zone. Aisha is very easy to talk and work with, which made it easy to achieve the goals that were set in place within the timeframe selected. She held me accountable to make sure I did the necessary work in order to progress. From the first session to the last, I definitely see a positive difference within myself and would highly recommend to others coaching sessions with Aisha.

Loreena G.